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Aquatec Sports was developed as a sportswear brand combining high performance fabrics and bespoke design.  We took the brand to the racing track and tested it on jockeys and professional riders.  We realised that we had created something unique when it was worn by champions, Grand National winners; elite athletes looking for clothing which kept them comfortable, protected them from the weather but also looked good.  We did not create a fashion label, we created clothing which helps you to perform, whatever you do, looking good, feeling great.

 Aquatec offers a range of equestrian clothing, sportswear and outdoor wear which offers the same design and performance advantages which our early customers appreciated.  We have a items available for purchase through our on-line store, delivered directly to you.

 If you are looking for something different we can recommend  garments and work with you to select the most appropriate fabrics, colours and design.  All garments can be customised with your branding and logos in your chosen colours right down to the colour of the stitching. 

Check out our stock our shop has some great items ready for purchase.  Alternatively, to see potential design options in your chosen colours, please contact us and we'll work with you to create the look you're seeking.


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